[email protected] Jake Krengel is an Audience Development Associate at Frederator. That’s just a buzzwordy way of saying he manages Frederator’s YouTube strategy and digital marketing campaigns. He’s been quoted as saying, “it’s kind of important.”

Prior to Frederator, Jake spent a few years working at talent agencies and production companies. He worked with film producers, talent agents, writers, and directors. He also produced, directed, and edited web series, broadcast reality shows, and commercials. At some point he decided to jump into the wonderful world of YouTube and took a job at Fullscreen Inc., a Multi-Channel Network. For the next few years, he was part of the team that built Fullscreen into the largest MCN on YouTube.

In 2014, Jake joined the Frederator team. Doctors fear Jake’s obsession with digital content is a lifelong condition. Today he geeks out to YouTube, movies, comic books, Chicago sports teams, and Frederator.