SuperF*ckers: an animated comedy series about a bunch of superheroes who live together. They drink, they smoke, they swear, everything, but nothing super (except by accident). It’s a really smart, mature show about really crass, self-centered, destructive behavior.

Originating channel: Cartoon Hangover [worldwide]

Created by James Kochalka 
Supervising director: Fran Krause
Executive Producers: Fred Seibert


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Praise for the SuperF*ckers comix

“Portrait of the Superhero as a Young Douchebag”

Superf*ckers‘ sense of fun is contagious, even joyous.”

“James Kochalka’s endearingly infantile take down of the spandex set. The F*ckers have their own clubhouse, amazing abilities, and fawning fans, but really they mostly just want to hang out, get high, and punch things… the point here is just screwing around and seeing what happens when a bunch of idiots can wear funny costumes and screw around with aliens.”

“An enormously high-spirited piece of super-teen vulgarity…”

Superf*ckers is full of teenagers with powers doing what teenagers probably would do if they had super powers: hooking up, finding new ways to get high off of slime and paint chips, getting into fights, calling each other names and doing just about everything aside from being heroic in any possible way… this isn’t your traditional comic.” —

“(W)e encounter the team in a series of laugh-out-loud skits and sequences that send up, with glorious disregard for taste or decency, the teen superhero team genre with all the subtlety of a super-powered fart. Anyone familiar with the teen-superhero comics of the ‘70s and ‘80s will have a ball with Kochalka’s band of foul-mouthed, bad-tempered and wholly dysfunctional super-powered misfits.”  The Crack



Season 1

Coming in December 2012!