WE’RE BACK! And, DuckTales is back too! WOO-OO! 

Channel Frederator

August 20th, 2017

WE’RE BACK! And, DuckTales is back too! WOO-OO! 

Did you like the reboot’s premiere? Who’s your favorite character? Will Darkwing Duck make an appearance? Join the discussion on Notification Squad! http://frdr.us/2wdT36t

We bet you didn’t catch all of these references in OK...

Channel Frederator

August 19th, 2017

We bet you didn’t catch all of these references in OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes! There are so many from anime to cartoons to even Apple products!

Check them all out for yourself! And tell us which ones you missed! http://frdr.us/2v0MqRu

Grab your sleeping bags and your bug spray because we are...

Channel Frederator

August 18th, 2017

Grab your sleeping bags and your bug spray because we are heading back to Camp Kidney with 107 Camp Lazlo Facts!

If you loved the style and humor of Rocko’s Modern Life, you’ll love Camp Lazlo! http://frdr.us/2vQsnpK

A post from The Frederator Studios Tumblr

The Frederator Studios Tumblr

August 18th, 2017

The apple core of Reynold’s eye: a storyboard panel from artist...

The Frederator Studios Tumblr

August 17th, 2017

The apple core of Reynold’s eye: a storyboard panel from artist Jonny Van Orman for Episode 5 of Costume Quest.

YOU can be on Sunday’s new Notification Squad! 

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August 17th, 2017

YOU can be on Sunday’s new Notification Squad! 

Call 917-408-FRED and leave a voicemail saying the schedule in under 17 seconds! Good luck! 😁

We figured out where Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s father has been!...

Channel Frederator

August 17th, 2017

We figured out where Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s father has been! Do you think you know who he is?

To celebrate the return of DuckTales, we look into an age-old Duck Family theory that has yet to be answered. You need to watch it! http://frdr.us/2wUhDHk

Want to be featured on this week’s new Notification Squad? ...

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August 16th, 2017

Want to be featured on this week’s new Notification Squad? 

Call 917-408-FRED and leave a voicemail of you saying next week’s schedule in under 17 seconds!

Your voice could be heard at the end of the episode! Good luck! 😁

7 Questions* for Gregory Little, Senior Vice President, Content @RainmakerEnt. Don’t...

Fred Seibert's Tumblr

August 16th, 2017

7 Questions* for Gregory Little, Senior Vice President, Content @RainmakerEnt.

Don’t let the picture fool you, Greg Little’s an easy going guy. 

As some of you probably know, Frederator combined late last year with a couple of companies to form WOW! Unlimited, and we instantly became a companion company to Rainmaker Entertainment, Vancouver, one of the world’s leading animation studios. I thought you might want to meet some of our new colleagues. 

Gregory Little is based in Burbank, California, alongside the Frederator Studios team, where he runs Rainmaker’s creative development, content strategy and sales, including the development of business strategies that take advantage of emerging platforms and new distribution models. As you can tell he is one busy MF. Like I say up above, he’s a great guy with an easygoing manner. Greg’s got his antennae up across the global animation biz, and if you want to know anything about anything, you could do worse than starting at his office. 

 As you’ll read, Greg was a  UCLA English major (I’ve been telling animators for years that taking more English classes –literature and creative writing– is the fastest way to learning to making a good show) which has prepared him well in his cartoon sojourns. He started out in live action development, and had his first Rainmaker run with his development and production of Escape from Planet Earth, before stints at Brown Bag and the Gotham Group. He’s been back at Rainmaker for over a year now, and we’re lucky to have him as a colleague. 

1 You’ve had an interesting path into our industry. Tell us about that.

It’s not that interesting… basically a case of identifying what I like and doing things that give me more of it. 

I loved being an English major, which was trade school for the best part of my job: working with characters, stories and the humans who create them. I moved from features to TV when I realized it’s nice to get things made from time to time. The business/strategy/deal part appeals to the gearhead wonk in me.

2 Do your kids (how old are they?) love the fact that you’re in animation, or are they bored by it?

They love it even if they’re not sure what I do exactly. But since that’s still largely true for my parents, I’m being patient. We tell our sons, now 7 and 10, to follow their hearts and do what they love, so I’m glad my job can be an example of that for them. 

So far content-wise I’ve managed to stay relevant. Our 10-year-old is now all YouTube, all the time, but he mostly watches videos about what he’s into and I’m happy to dive into those interests (Minecraft, Magic The Gathering, RC off-road racing, etc).

3 What screen time are you most engaged with? TV, streaming, video games, Facebook? Or something else?

You can always hook me with a British crime or historical drama, from Prime Suspect back in the day to Peaky Blinders, Broadchurch, Luther, etc more recently–and unrequited love stories the British do so well (Persuasion ca. 2007). Also FX-style American series—Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, Better Call Saul, Fargo, to name a few of an endless list.

I try to stay away from PC gaming because it’s too much of a rabbit hole: to date my all-time favorite media experience is the first Deus Ex game, created by Warren Spector whom I got to work with some years back. Also I have played every song on Rock Band at Expert level except one: Green Grass and High Tides remains unconquered.

Lately I’m trying to reduce screen time. See “Music” below, and I read a ton of books. Just finished Golden Hill and loved it. For a very dark take on marriage, check out Mr Peanut.

4 I seem to remember you like to be out on the water a lot. What’s that about?

Yeah I’ve sailed and surfed since I was a kid. Traveled around the world surfing after college. It’s easy to understand surfing’s appeal but more difficult to explain sailing. Beyond the obvious aesthetics, for me it’s about feeling competent to deal with what nature throws at you. The mechanical problem-solving is also cool (plug for my patented sailing accessory, the Bottleport). I like staring at the same stars at 3am as sailors have for thousands of years.

Beyond all that, I can trace it to a book I read when I was about 14: Dove, Robin Lee Graham’s diaries as a 16-year-old kid sailing around the world alone. It’s everything I wanted life to be at that age. And maybe still.

5 What kind of music do you like to groove to? What kind will you never listen to?

Traveling to MIPTV this year, every French train station had a public piano. I’ve always wanted to learn to play and that was the last straw – I started taking lessons when I got back. My wife’s a closet singer and we’re looking forward to being Marty & Elayne at 70, singing jazz standards and drinking hard liquor. She’s going to start smoking again at 80. Last month we sang our first real song together: Aimee Mann’s Wise Up, with me on piano and Steph singing! It was awesome. Practice is a true human superpower.

6 Favorite cartoon ever?

Speed Racer. As a very young kid it was totally real to me. My phone is named Racer-X.

7 What do you love about Los Angeles?

The rain.

Thanks Greg! 


*7 Questions is my irregular series of interviews with interesting people. Coming up soon, writers, graphic designers, educators, tech founders, start up investors, music folks, and more Frederators.

A new Memes Explained video! What a time to be alive.

Channel Frederator

August 16th, 2017

A new Memes Explained video! What a time to be alive.

What Simpsons memes do you use? Did you learn a new one today? Watch our video and let us know! http://frdr.us/2w2eRC4

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